Strategic Planning

  • We will carry out a review of the chosen sub-sector market within the country and assess competition from other countries who manufacture the same products. We will conduct benchmarking exercises on both product and processes with leading producers or farmers  to fully understand the complete requirements of that sub-sector.
  • We will gain a clear understanding of specific country requirements in terms of standards and legislation, as well as the needs of the chosen global potential customers to ensure their requirements are incorporated into the implementation process.
  • We carry out thorough market analysis and assess the suitability of the commodities or manufacturers against global markets and seasonality.
  • We carry out an in-depth  analysis of the supply chain and route to market and identify and analyse any potential problems within that route.
  • We identify and approach strategic buying partners for the products. We make sure we know where products will be sold before production commences.

Pilot Project

  • Identify local farmers or manufacturers to be part of the pilot
  • Identify and select a team of experts from the Victus Global team of associates
  • Develop standards to meet requirements of local, regional or international markets
  • Train, mentor and knowledge-share

Project Development

  • Roll out project in the rest of the country for existing processors or farmers as well as new start-ups
  • Project-related technical assistance
  • Develop continuous training and mentoring plans
  • Education in supply chain
  • Support in dealing with international partners and customers
  • Operational support
  • Production management using local resources

Evaluation review

  • Set evaluation criteria
  • Market penetration
  • Volume performance
  • Value performance
  • Rate of sale
  • Consumer trends
  • Drivers of growth (promotional campaign)
  • Distribution
  • Mid-term project review
  • Final project evaluation

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