The vision and mission for the Victus Global Group of companies is to transform agriculture and empower women in Africa through investment, capacity building, and increased intra-Africa and international trade. We will achieve this through the work of Victus Global Ltd and Victus Global Capital Ltd.

Victus Global Ltd

Victus Global Ltd is a food security consultancy specialising in the development and mentoring of food manufacturers and primary producers in Africa with the goal of becoming globally competitive and selling products locally, regionally and in the European and UK markets. Victus Global Ltd was founded in 2012 by Bo Masole. The company is registered in the UK, Botswana and Zambia. Our ethos is to empower farmers and SMEs with the expertise to grow their businesses and, thereby, benefit from socio-economic empowerment. We achieve these objectives through knowledge-sharing and mentoring characterised by dignity, respect, and the passion and commitment we feel for Africa. Our starting point is to focus on those local markets which are currently experiencing the most rapid growth, and in which companies can expect to enjoy a competitive advantage in terms of cost, product and/or route to market. We pursue a partnership approach within the market to align the needs and requirements of producers and consumers.

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