In 2012 Victus Global started working on a joint UNIDO-WTO trade capacity building programme in Zambia. The current challenges for the suppliers in Zambia revolve around: an insufficient understanding of the requirements and expectations of the retailers; a challenging supply chain; and lack of knowledge in food safety systems, storage and transportation. For retailers, this means that, with an alarming frequency, they are simply unable to obtain high-quality products from local suppliers – forcing them to look elsewhere to secure the stock they need.

To help address these long-standing issues, the GFSI Global markets programme addresses these issues through the mentoring and knowledge-transfer to suppliers. We are also training a group of local experts to build human capital in Zambia

The GFSI Global Market Programme was developed by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for small and/or less developed businesses, which because of their size, lack of technical expertise and limited economic resources encounter difficulties in implementing HACCP and food safety systems in their businesses.

The GFSI Global Markets Programme is based on a three-phase systematic approach which takes place over a specified period and leads to continuous improvement, with the aim of promoting certification to internationally recognised standards. This practical approach model has proven to be effective in Zambia.

Zambeef PLC

Zambeef Products PLC is one of the largest integrated agri-businesses in Zambia. The Group is principally involved in the production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, milk, dairy products, eggs, edible oils, stock feed, flour and bread. The Group also has large row cropping operations (principally maize, soya beans and wheat), with approximately 8,350 Ha of row crops under irrigation and 8,650 Ha of rain fed/dry land crops available for planting each year.

Victus Global is working with Zambeef to implement a functional Food Safety Management System (FSMS). The overall project benefits are improved quality and increased market access.

Iglo Group

The Iglo Group is Europe’s leading branded frozen food business both in terms of sales and brand recognition. Their core brands include; Birds Eye, Iglo and Findus (in Italy). They produce premium branded frozen food products in 11 European countries, and marketing and distribute their products across most of Central and Eastern Europe.

Victus Global has worked with Iglo to audit their raw material suppliers across Europe and the rest of the world.

Unilever – Ethiopia

Victus Global worked with Unilever to establish a direct business in Ethiopia providing homecare, personal care, food and drinks products to Ethiopian consumers. This was an investigative mission to meet with various Government institutions, parastatals and private organisations in Ethiopia to better understand the regulatory environment for fast-moving consumer goods. It included any gazetted and non-gazetted regulations or bans covering imports into Ethiopia. The project resulted in Unilever commissioning a plant in Ethiopia to produce homecare products.

Unilever – Angola

Victus Global worked with Unilever on a project in Angola to understanding the market and regulatory environment for fast-moving consumer goods in this country. The findings from the mission showed insufficient commercial viability for the establishment of a factory in this market.

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