Transforming Agriculture and Empowering Women

The vision for the Victus Global Group is to transform agriculture and empower women in Africa through investment, capacity building, and increased intra-Africa and international trade.

We will achieve this through the work of Victus Global Ltd and Victus Global Capital Ltd.


Victus Global Ltd is a food security consultancy specialising in the development and mentoring of food manufacturers and primary producers in Africa with the goal of becoming globally competitive and selling products locally, regionally and in the European and UK markets. Victus Global Ltd was founded in 2012 by Bo Masole.


Victus Global is focused on transforming agriculture and empowering women in Africa through investment, capacity building and increased intra-Africa and international trade. Creating social change through developing investment vehicles, which aim to achieve significant and systemic gender-based social change, and shift gender power relations.


Victus Global Botswana Organisation is a local non-profit organisation founded and led by Botswana women. Our vision is to transform lives through health and economic empowerment in Botswana and the African Sub-Saharan Region.

Our Approach

Building strong value chains and networks

Strategic Alliances

Building strategic relationships to align the needs of the producers and the market

Bridging the Gap

Understanding the market requirements and co-creating solutions to meet these needs

Capacity Building

Providing mentoring, knowledge sharing and on-the-ground training



Making investments in the agriculture and agri-processing space

Meet the team

A team of leading market experts

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in many areas of the value chain that are critical in creating a successful ecosystem for growth and prosperity

Bo Masole
Bo Masole
Founder & CEO - Victus Global Ltd
Marco Valle
Marco Valle
Accounting Specialist
Tendai Mabikacheche
Tendai Mabikacheche
Sustainability and Impact Specialist
Rikki Agudah
Rikki Agudah
Sustainable Agriculture Business Enterprise Development
Ruth Nyagah
Ruth Nyagah
Certification Specialist
William van Bragt
William van Bragt
Market Linkages

Our Partners

Strong partnerships with market leaders

Altree Capital Ltd is a leading provider of African asset management and investment advisory services to institutional investors across the globe. The group employs more than 50 people across Africa and the globe, and has a presence in 5 African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia.